The Persons with Blindness and Visual Impairment may need your help

Many blind people appreciate help to cross a road or find a shop. If your offer of help is rejected, don’t feel snubbed. The next blind person you come across will probably welcome your assistance. First, ask if you can help. Then walk slightly in front with the blind person holding your arm. If you are helping a blind person to get into a car, say which way it is facing, and place the person’s hand on the roof over the open door. If you are guiding a blind person on to a bus or micro bus, you should go first. Never push the person in front of you.

Please inform the blind person if you are approaching a flight of steps or a slope, and always say whether it goes up or down.

It has not to be worried too much about delicate furniture or ornaments. Most blind people move about without leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Show the blind person around the room and describe the furniture as you pass it, mentioning only head-level hazards.

When a blind person is invited for a meal, s/he should be informed about the food which has been served. Please inform the item of food put on the plate in accordance with the place of the digit of clock.  For example: Rice in the place of 12, Soup in the place of  3, Vegetable in the place of  6,  Meat in  the place of 9 and so on. The cups or glasses should not be filled to the brim – very full cups are easy to spill. If you are serving a bony piece of fish, offer to de-bone it. Otherwise, your visitor will tell you if any help is needed – usually he or she will manage alone quite happily.

 We can help for the following. You can contact us:

  1. If your company or hotel have blind friendly environment, the blind person visiting your company or hotel will feel comfortable. So, we can help make company or hotel blind friendly.
  2. Counseling is very important area for the blind persons especially who are congenital blind. Counseling cures mental trauma and thus the blind person can come ahead for survival. NAWB has expertise on it.
  3. Training on special education / inclusive education and community based rehabilitation can be arranged for your organization. In case of need, we can help.
  4. Braille materials and mobility devices required for the education and rehabilitation for persons with blindness and visual impairment can be supported.

 Kindly Help us to Help Blind and Visually Impaired Persons

Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB) is a philanthropic organization. All the rehabilitation programs (Integrated Education, Community Based Rehabilitation, Vocational Training and so on) have been executed with the support of various donors.

Hence, NAWB earnestly requests all the benevolent personalities to help us for rehabilitation of persons with blindness and visual impairment. You can support with:

(a)        Slate / Stylus

(b)        White Cane

(c)        Cash or Kind

(d)       Technical Support

 NAWB’s Bank Details

Name of the Bank:                      Rastriya Banijya Bank, Main Branch, Bishal Bazar, Kathmandu.

Name of the Account Holder:  Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind

Account Number:                       109006208501

Swift Code:                                   RBBANPKA

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