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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program

NAWB caters rehabilitation services at blind persons’ home and community level. NAWB has been running CBR program in 14 districts of Nepal. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program is suitable for the developing country like Nepal. CBR is agro-based, home based and community based program. Before starting CBR program in any place or district, a local co-operation committee is formed. A coordinator of the program as well as rehabilitation workers is recruited. They are imparted intensive and extensive training for the execution of the program.

This program ensures that the persons with blindness and visual impairment are rehabilitated in the environs of their own community. The persons with blindness and visual impairment are identified, screened then categorized into two groups: curable and incurable. Curable persons are referred to hospital and eye camps for treatment. Incurable persons are registered for CBR and are categorized according to their age:

  1. Pre-school children (Age below 6 years);
  2. School going children (6 to 15 years);
  3. Adults (16 to 45 years) and
  4. Elderly persons (above 45 years).

Suitable programs, such as Early Intervention, Education, Orientation, Mobility and Vocational Trainings are developed by appropriately trained rehabilitation personnel for each PBVI. Seed money (Interest free loan) is provided for income generation activities.

Under Cross Disability Service, CBR services are catered to persons with other disability identified in the project catchments area in collaboration and cooperation with other NGOs. A number of wheel chairs have been distributed to needy people under this program.

Key Components of CBR

  • Medical:        Deals with prevention, cure and reversal of blindness.
  • Education:    Deals with integrated special education.
  • Economic:     Deals with vocational training for income generation.
  • Social:            Deals with skills for social integration.
  • Community: Deals with community awareness, rehabilitation and all aspects of development.

Stepwise activities under CBR program

  • Survey: House to house survey to identify the PBVI.
  • Prevention: Create community awareness on importance of vitamin ‘A’, smokeless stove, kitchen garden for vitamin ‘A’ rich nutrients, distribution of vitamin ‘A’ etc.
  • Cure & Reversal: Primary eye care, arrangement and/or referral system for the treatment of cataract, glaucoma, trachoma and other eye diseases.
  • Early Intervention: Create awareness among the family members of blind child to bring up their Blind children for early intervention.
  • Counseling, Orientation & Mobility: Develop self-confidence and skills for independent mobility.
  • Daily Living Skills: Develop independent skills for daily living viz. washing, cleaning, personal hygiene, cooking etc.
  • Integrated Special Education: The school age blind children are sent to nearby school for integrated special education
  • Manual Dexterity Skills: Normally the hands of the blind are stiff. Through this skill their hands become flexible and suitable to undergo vocational training.
  • Vocational Training: Vocational training is provided to the active adult blind on the vocation existing in their own community.
  • Economic Rehabilitation: Interest free loans are provided to the PBVI to start their own income generating activities.
  • Follow up: Assessment of the activities of PBVI is done and secure loan repayment assured.

With pride we mention that NAWB is pioneer in implementing Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services in South Asian Region.

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