Our Partners

The financial, Technical and human resources provided by the national and international donors have remained crucial for Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind (NAWB) which strives for the dignified living visually impaired people including people with disability with and among their families and communities through their rehabilitation. NAWB is moving ahead in realizing its objectives with the activities including management of the Central Office to CBR program that includes the management of scholarships and hostels for visually impaired persons and their rehabilitation with the warm support of following national and international partners:


Christofel Blinden Mission (CBM) Germany has been providing financial, technical and human support to NAWB since its beginning. This organization has also sent the CBR experts as Bob Jackal and Micheal Cook to develop NAWB’s CBR Program model and strategy. CBM has been constantly providing support to NAWB since 2042 (1985) and following are some of its support to NAWB:

  • Construction of NAWB Central Office building
  • Support in staff management at CO
  • Run rehabilitation program in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur under Valley CBR
  • Run rehabilitation program in Jhapa, Morang and under eastern community center
  • Production of Braille books’
  • Distribution of education materials including Braille papers
  • Financial and technical support in HRM
  • Formulation of 10 year’s (2015-2024) Strategic Plan of NAWB


Tokyo Helen Keller Association (THKA), Japan Provided support for the establishment of first Braille printing press at the central office of NAWB. It has been providing help to NAWB since 1990 to run the CBR program and distribution of scholarships for the visually impaired people. Following are the support provided by THKA to NAWB:

  • Run NAWB CBR program in Bara
  • Construction of NAWB Central office building “B Block”
  • Construction of hostels in several schools for visually impaired students
  • Donation of Braille machine to produce Braille books
  • Donation of Braille stereo typing machine
  • Scholarships for visually impaired people across the country


Visio (The Nethernlands) has provided financial support to run the community based rehabilitation program for the visually impaired people in Kaski under NAWB since 1996 and vocational training for the visually impaired people of Tanahun since 2002 and in Syangja since 2005. Following are the support provided to NAWB:

  • Run NAWB CBR program in Kaski
  • run vocational training in Tanahun and Syangja
  • Cpnstruction of CBR project building in Kaski

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Danish Association of the Blind (DAB), Denmark has provided financial support to run the CBR program for the visually impaired people in Kailali under NAWB since 1997. Following are the support provided to NAWB by Danish Association of the Blind:

  • Run NAWB CBR program in Kailali
  • Construction of CBR project building in Kailali


Helen Keller Internationa (HKI), USA has provided financial support to run CBR for the visually impaired persons in Kavre under NAWB since 1988. Following are the support provided by NAWB by HKI:

  • Run NAWB CBR program in Kavre


World Blind Union (WBU) provided support to NAWB for the first  time in Nepalto run rehabilitation program for visually impaired persons under CBR project in Rautahat.


Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan provided the computers, Modern Braille Machine (Braillo 200) for the production of Braille books under JICA Training and Supervision Program and also provided volunteers to NAWB for long time in the past.


The The Rose International Fund for the Children (TRIFC) helped NAWB to establish the National Braille Library (NBL) in NAWB premises in 2010. TRIFC USA has also donated near 20 thousands of Braille books on different subjects. Some of the support provided by the organization to NAWB are as follows:

  • Establishment of National Braille Library (NBL) with 20,000 Braille books
  • Distribution of Braille backpack to visually impaired students
  • Support in production of Braille books as reference materials


UNICEF has supported for rehabilitation program at Kirtipur in Kathmandu Valley for people with disabilities (PWDs).


The Embassy of Australia (Australia Aid), Kathmandu has supported NAWB to develop NAWB as National Resource Center for blind and visually impaired persons. It has supported NAWB as follows:

  • Establishment of Data Bank and E-Library at NBL
  • Production of Nepal’s only Braille Magazine “Divyachakshu” for blind and visually impaired students
  • Upgrading National Low Vision Resource Center with necessary resources


The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong has supported NAWB to upgrade the Braille Press with Index Braille Embosser with continuous printing 900 p/hr capacity. It has supported NAWB as follows:

  • Braille Embosser (900 p/hr) in Braille Press
  • Hybrid (Solar and Electric) Power back up for Press
  • Desktop computers with Duxbury Translation software


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