The program was started with breakfast and registration in the morning at 8:30 AM. After the completion of registration all the participants get collected in Hall 1 where program was planned.

The Morning session was informally started with introduction of the participants and facilitated by Mr. Shaurabh Sharma, Program Officer, CBM Nepal Country Office (CBM NCO) and program highlights was facilitated by Mr. Rudra Adhikari, Deputy Director of Department of Education, Inclusive Education Branch. He basically highlighted the objective of the program and described the program details as well.

The next session called Education for children with Disabilities in Nepal was hosted by Nepal Association for the welfare of the blind and CBM. The first presentation of CBM support to NAWB in Inclusive education was presented by Mr. Om Bam Malla, Executive Director of NAWB and was followed by the Inclusive development by Prakash Wagle, National Coordinator, CBM Nepal Country Office.

This session was followed by Tea break.

The Key paper presentation session was divided in to two papers. First paper was Inclusive Education Policy for CWDs “ by Birendra Raj Pokhrel, Inclusion Expert and second paper was Inclusive education policy by Prof. Dr. Basudev Kafle, Expert consultant, TU. These two paper were presented by the experts in the key paper session which include the preliminary inclusive education policy draft to be formulated.

This technical paper session was followed by the group division of the participants. The participants were divided in 5 groups as follows:

  1. Challenges for practicing existing Inclusive education policy
  2. Strategy for adoption of Inclusive educational policy for different categories of disabilities
  3. Human Resource development for adoption of Inclusive Education Policy
  4. Curriculum, textbooks and assessment system
  5. Assistive devices, support devices, use of ICT and means of communication.

The group division was followed by the 1 hour lunch break at 1:00 PM

The group work session was planned for 1 hour. The all groups were assigned with the aforementioned topics and were asked to make a brief presentation out of it in cardboard paper. And each group had 5 minutes for the presentation.

The each group had a group leader and they presented the presentation and queries were facilitated by Mr. Birendra Raj pokhrel and Dr. Basudev Kafle, which was ended at about 2:30 PM. After that all the participants were provided with the meta-cards for feedback for strategy, activity and responsibility, time frame as well as major issues and problem regarding the Inclusive education policy.

This group presentation session was followed by tea break.

All the participants actively participated in the feedback session and gave the feedback group wise. One leader from each group was assigned to present the feedback as presentation in this session.

This feedback for policy by group session was followed by individual feedback session for the program by each participant. All the participants were provided with meta-cards again for collecting the feedback which was facilitated by Mr. Prakash Ghimire, Program Officer, NAWB.

The final session was facilitated by Mr. Rudra P. Adhikari. He insisted Mr. Wagle to facilitate regarding the workshop and asked Mr. Deepak Majhi, Section Officer, DoE to sum up and formally close the program.

The summing up was followed by the High Tea.


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