Training Program

Training Programs

Teachers Training:

NAWB has been imparting training to teachers for special education. Secondary (B.Ed) and  primary level teachers have been trained at Tribhuwan University in collaboration with Christoffel Blinden Mission & Special Education Council. After the closure of teachers training program in Tribhuwan University, NAWB is running specially designed 6 weeks teachers training program since 1991. NAWB is also providing training to teachers, rehabilitation personnels of different NGOs and office bearers of Special Education Department of Govt. of Nepal.

Vocational Training:

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NAWB provides vocational training to the PBVI in the areas such as:  candle making, incent making, basket weaving, sweater knitting also cattle & live stock raising. These vocational trainings have helped the persons with PBVI to earn for their lively hood.

Braille Literacy Training:

Braille Literacy Training is one of the important activities of NAWB. The PBVI willing to learn Braille are taught the Braille script. Braille literacy program has been fruitful for the blind persons who did not get the opportunity of formal education.

Orientation and Mobility Training:

Orientation and Mobility Training is an important aspect of the training for the PBVI. Orientation training provides the blind person to recognize the scene where and in which position he or she is. Mobility training helps the PBVI to walk independently and safely.

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