Values & Approach

Values of NAWB

NAWB is dedicated to provide services to the right holders with full motivation. To achieve this NAWB has set and is committed to its core values. NAWB members, NAWB Executive Board, Staff, Volunteers and Partner Organizations are committed to following its values;

Non-Discriminatory: NAWB will provide services to the needy people regardless of race, cast, religion, ethnicity, age and gender

Inclusiveness: NAWB foster inclusiveness within organization and in all of its programs and projects

Equity: we promote affirmative actions for equitable society

Transparency and Accountability: We are transparent in our deed and accountable to the government, our partners and to the rights holders for what we do.

Respect to human dignity: We believe and respect human dignity.


Approach of NAWB

To empower and support the persons with disabilities, marginalized people and needy children FL will take following approaches

Rights Based Approach:

NAWB believes in serving the rights holders in a right based approach. Citizens of Nepal are entitled with equal rights and NAWB will promote the rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal. NAWB’s overall management cycle will incorporate rights based approach so that the program delivery contributes the realization of rights of persons with disabilities.

Community Based Approach:

NAWB will continue to reach the rights holders at the grass-root level following the community based approach. Following the WHO’s CBR approach NAWB’s interventions will be designed in community based method. The components of CBR will be a core of reaching the people.

Working today for better future:NAWB being a social organization will work with and for persons with disabilities for their better future.

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